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Invite love in!

HovedretOprettet af Birgitte Kratgaard 30 mar, 2017 22:36:29

I’m surrounded by people of all kinds, colours, nationalities and sexualities. And that’s how I like it J

I have been brought up in a traditional Danish family with a white mother and father, who were happily married all their life and who worked hard to make every possibility open to my brother and I. There were never any strong opinions over dinner on, who we should be or how we should live our lives. The only thing they expected was that we got an education and got the best out of life.

We both did it but in two very different ways. My brother followed the direct path that my parents wished for him – not that they decided anything, but he definitely had the same goals for his life as they did.

I, on the other hand, was searching for a very long time, exploring a lot of paths. Basically, all I wanted was to be happy, and to be that I took many turns along the way. I tested my sexuality, my spirituality, my religion and my profession. And not once did my parents question my choices – they supported me every time I presented a new path or idea. No doubt that has also been part of my “personal education” as it showed me how important it is to embrace the people you are surrounded by and to give them the room to find their own personal place to be happy.

Today, I have a life close to the one my parents had. I have a daughter who makes me proud and gives me so much self-confidence – knowing that she is part of me and I have been able to bring up such a lovely person is almost impossible to describe in words. I have found a partner, who happens to be a white male, and thus we live in a heterosexual relationship just like my parents did.

But to me it is not the fact that I gave birth to a child or that I live in a relationship with a man, but it is the fact that it makes me happy to live this life. And I hope I bring the values of love and being loved by someone and not the “right kind” to my daughter. Because love is a personal choice and should never be made for you but by you and you should not have to account to anyone for your choice in love and life.

Please do not get me wrong – I still think it is important to take into account how your choices may influence the people around you, but not so that your choices are made from other people’s desires. Simply, that you act with respect for other people.

So my words today should be that love comes in many shapes, and you should never be judged by who you love, but by who you are. Love between two people is special and should always be respected. Love is not less beautiful, because it is between the same sex, between people of different ages, people of different colours, and so on….. Love is love and should be welcomed between two adults.

The best way to teach this to your surroundings is by living it. I choose love, as it has chosen me. Open your arms and your door and invite love into your life!

Love is life!

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