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Dessert... ;-)Oprettet af Birgitte Kratgaard 19 apr, 2014 03:45:55

Time is a funny thing – when you want it to pass quickly, it feels like ages, and when you want it to pass slowly, it just seems to run off too fast.

Lately, time has been an issue to me – not in a bad way at all, but still an issue. And it seems that for some people in my close surrounding, it was obviously something they felt strongly about. Still, since it is my time, it has been something I’ve had to deal with.

In the last three to four weeks, I’ve experienced feelings I’d forgotten existed. I thought I’d been here before, but I cannot recall having felt so strong and not having felt just a little insecure or doubtful of the feelings returned to me as I do now. In my heart there is no doubt how I feel, and there is no doubt at all of how the one who has my heart feels for me.

Those who know me also know that I fall easily, but you also know that I’ve always had doubts or insecurity to some extent, and doubts both of my feelings and the feelings returned to me. This new feeling of just being loved and not having to question how much, why or even wonder for how long is so new to me, yet so wonderful, that I’ve not sat down and wondered for even a moment, if this was something serious, because I just know it is!

Therefore, I never thought of time as an issue, when I presented my daughter to the man in my life ten days after we’d met. I never thought of it as too early wanting my close friends and family to meet him either. And only one person decided that it was too soon for her after three weeks – of all people it was my mother! I was really disappointed in her, but knowing her as well as I do, for me it was also a matter of making a statement, since part of her reaction clearly was trying to control part of me. Being very much alike, we are both very stubborn, and I was in no way going to give in to her, but I also knew that I had to give her time, to think about things. She ended up meeting my love earlier that she expected – and liked him, of course! – but it made me wonder why some people are so hung up on time….

If you have someone in your life who has a fatal illness and thus has limited time left with you and his/her closest friends and family, time is very important and each second should be spend with those who mean a lot to the person in question.

If you have a close relative who has a disease that is painful to him/her and/or the close relatives, you’d like time to pass by quickly. I’m thinking specifically of people like my father, who is today so bad that he cannot eat himself any more, he cannot recall my mother, and is now even having difficulty moving around himself. He has no dignity left, and it tears apart my mother seeing him degrade as a human being, the love of her life and her best friend – in his case, I would wish for time to go quickly and let him pass away to release my mother from the pain.

In the specific case of my own time, I believe I’ve reached a place in my life, where time should be spent with someone who fills my heart and days with love and joy – my daughter does this, and now I’ve met a man who also does it. As what I feel in my heart is so clear and honest, I see no reason at all to wait the “nominated time” before showing the world and not least my daughter that I’ve found the one! There is no doubt in my mind that this is right, and I just want to share it with everybody. Why should that be wrong??

However, there is one specific thing, I’ve not yet said, and for the first time, I feel that it should be kept for that one right moment – I already feel very strong about this man, and I feel more than in love with him, I can honestly say that I love him, but some things should wait for the right moment, and this time I will wait….. smiley

So, going back into bed next to the one who has my heart, I will remind you that you should not wait living your life till tomorrow or next week; don’t keep back how you feel about the people around you – tell them and more importantly show them what they mean to you. Time is important and should not be holding you back, but pushing you forward.

Wishing you all the best and pushing you into your new adventures, I send you L-O-V-E!

Hugs & kisses

Mamma B smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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