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What a smile can do

Dessert... ;-)Oprettet af Birgitte Kratgaard 02 apr, 2014 10:37:01

I never was good at mornings – although I can get out of bed early, I cannot do much for the first half hour or so. Coffee and time are my best friends at early hours, and when I get the time I need, my mornings turn out pretty good.

When I finally get out of the door and out in public, however, I’m ready to face yet another day no matter how grey it may be. I sit in my car with loud music and sing along – feeling how the music puts extra positive energy into every fibre in my body. I often see other drivers sit half asleep or with an emotionless face behind their wheels. But then they notice the dark haired chick in the car next to them not being able to sit still while the music’s playing, and when I meet their surprised glance with a smile, their faces light up returning my smile smiley

And isn’t that what it is all about?? Don’t lock yourself up in your own world but open your mind and sphere to the people around you.

After parking my car, I have a small walk to the office, and on my way I meet a lot of busy people on their way to jobs, school or the like. They all look pretty serious, but when I catch their looks and smile at them, everyone smiles back at me – now that’s a great start on yet another day, and only because I open myself to people around me.

OK, I know that some days you just want to go to work, get it over with and go back home – of course I have those days too, but then again if you find out what it is that makes your day a little better, you should actively do it a little more. I cannot imagine my drive in the morning (and in the afternoon) without music. It fills me with joy listening to music, and often I’m singing along loudly, giving other drivers something to laugh about smiley

I start my day slowly, and when I’m awake I kiss my little princess until she’s awake and help her start her day on a good way too – I make sure that the people I love are reminded that I’m here and still love them, and hope it will start their day off a little better.

During the years I’ve tried a lot of different things, both emotional and professional challenges, but it all comes back to the same thing every time: a smile to the world around you makes a huge difference, not only to yourself but also to the ones receiving your smile. On dark cloudy days your smile may be the one thing that will make another person attack his or her problems a little harder, or just make a better day.

And one small but very important thing – we all look beautiful wearing a smile, and the deeper your smile goes, the more beautiful you will look. So I’ll continue wearing a smile and greet the people around me with it smiley

Before sending you out in the world with a smile, just a small reminder that I feel blessed having you people in my life – I hope you remember that I’m here for you, rain or shine, and will always be here. Just as I do, remember to tell the people around you how much they mean to you. Stay in the moment and give life a chance, and face it with a smile.

So, I send you all my love,

Mamma B smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

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