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Dessert... ;-)Oprettet af Birgitte Kratgaard 27 jul, 2012 05:53:56

Believing is the essential thing to me. To me it is the difference between having a dream and making it come true.

And over the last few years I’ve seen it changing my life over and over again; always to the better, I might add!

When I was hit with the news of my divorce and only days after lost my job due to bankruptcy, I felt numb for only a few days, before I got up and began looking ahead. Believing that I would find a way out.

Not accepting no, I found a new job and moved on to a new home and started a new life. Believing even when ends didn’t meet that it would work out, and something always came around when I needed it the most.

Thus, I was in a good place one year ago, when I took a decision to leave what I had and move close to my parents.

To me, family has always been the most important thing, and therefore my decision to leave my life in Malmö behind and move close to my family in Denmark wasn’t hard but simply the natural choice.

And it put me in a financially tough position once again, but I believed that things would work out – and they did. Not immediately, but as my favourite poet, Piet Hein, said “Things take time”.

Today, I have a new job in a well-positioned Danish company giving me the time to be around for my daughter and still have a job that interests me.

After living in an expensive apartment for a year, I have a new place that is mine and less expensive – the perfect place to start a new life.

On top of this, I have the man in my life, I’ve always dreamed of. And by now you should know that I’ve been looking for him – and believed to have found him more than once….

I’ve been through hell and back, so to speak, but I have do doubt that he’s here to stay. It hasn't been easy, but now he’s mine smiley

We met last year, but it turned out that not everything was on our side. Then I believed that we were the right match just meeting at the wrong time. But when it ended, I wasn’t sure we’d get a second chance.

I met someone new – someone I cared for (and still care for) and who taught me a few important lessons about myself, and thus I believe that the time we had together was meant to be.

But in the end we turned out to be nothing more than friends, and now I see why!!

After almost one year, I met again with the man from last summer, and at first I only saw us as friends, but quite soon I came to realize that there was something more.

Both of us have had time to get things in the right places, and what I share with him today feels even stronger and more rooted than what we had a year ago.

When I said a few months ago, that by autumn everything would be ok, I never thought that my emotional life would be up here on cloud nine, and not in a million years had I thought it would be with him…..!

However, as you guys know, I never hold anything against anyone who has learned their lesson. I always believe in giving people a second chance.

My biggest uncertainty was, however, if the feelings I had for this man could ever be as strong again as they were a year ago. I’m aware – as is he – that there will be days with insecurity and ghosts popping up, but all in all I believe in what we have. I believe that the love we share will survive any obstacle we might meet on our way.

He is my closest confidant, the once I can laugh and cry with, the man I want to fall asleep and wake up with, the one I want to grow old with – the man I love smiley

He makes me feel unique – and he is unique to me…..

So, I can sincerely say that my cup runs over – I’m filled with so much love and tenderness for my beautiful daughter, the man I have in my life, and my amazing friends and family. Together all of you make me feel happy in a way I have not felt before.

My last word to you is BELIEVE! Believe in life, believe in love, and believe in yourself. No matter how dark things might look, at the end of the day, things will work out, as long as you believe.

And with these words I humbly give you L-O-V-E

Hugs & kisses

Mamma B smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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